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Daffodils applies the century old educational approach of Montessori Method which is the leading proven primary education framework all over the world. The programs we offer are:

School Programs

• Play House
• Pre Nursery
• Nursery
• Kindergarten
• Abacus – Strengthen Mental Ability & Mathematics
• Vedic Maths

Day Care Facility

• Day Care Facility : For all age groups

Extra Curricular Programs

• Zumba – World famous Latin American dance exercise methodology
• English Conversation & Language Development

Our programs are suited to your child’s age and development need and offer a robust and comprehensive program based on the Montessori System we which since its inception in 1907 has been applied in laying the foundation for young children’s development and early education. It has been scientifically proven to be most effective for children between the ages of 0-6 years and we at Daffodils have ensured that we implement the system in its entirety. An overview of the concepts of the methodology is as below:

Inner guidance of nature: All children have inherent inner directives from nature that guide their true normal development

Freedom for self-directed learning: The Montessori Method respects individual liberty of children to choose their own activities and this freedom allows children to follow their inner guidance for self-directed learning

Planes of development: The natural development of children proceeds through several distinct planes of development, each one having its own unique conditions and sensitive periods for acquiring basic faculties in the developmental process

Prepared environment: The right precise conditions around children allow for and support their true natural development

Observation and indirect teaching: The teacher's role is to observe children engaged in activities that follow their own natural interests. This indirect teaching to control the environment, not the child, contrasts sharply with the ordinary teacher's role of implementing a pre-determined curriculum

Normalization: During the 0-6 years plane of development, children have the ability to shift their fundamental being from the ordinary condition of disorder, inattention, and attachment to fantasy to a state of perfect normal being, showing such external behavior as spontaneous self-discipline, independence, love of order, and complete harmony and peace with others in the social situation

Absorbent mind: The young child has an absorbent mind which naturally incorporates experiences in the environment directly into its whole basic character and personality for life

Based on these concepts, we have developed our own proprietary teaching material over the last two decades and this invaluable vault of knowledge and methods is our intellectual property which we take pride in. Our children and their parents participate together in this method as we send out monthly curriculum circulars detailing the activities and which allows the parent to gain insight into the day to day activities of their child and prepare them accordingly. This symbiotic relationship also enhances the parent-child relationships wherein parents actively participate in their child’s education and development.